SYS Accessory Set VAC SYS VT Sort

    Product number 495294
    For VAC SYS SE 1, VAC SYS SE 2


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      • Vacuum Cup VT 200x60, Small
      • Vacuum Cup VT 277x32, Narrow
      • vacuum pad VAC SYS VT 10.8” x 3.9” (275 x 100 mm)
      • also provides space for the VAC SYS VT D 215
      • in SYSTAINER SYS 3


    Set includes three Vacuum Cups (580066, 580064, 580065) not included with Clamping Modules. In SYSTAINER SYS 3.

    • This is an accessory for the VAC SYS System and VAC SYS System SET.
    • Discover additional VAC SYS accessories: VAC PMP Vacuum Pump; VAC SYS SE 1 Clamping Module; VAC SYS SE 2 Clamping Module (includes additional clamping module and oblong vacuum cup); Vacuum Cup D 215, Round; Vacuum Cup VT 275x100, Oblong; Vacuum Cup VT 200x60, Small; Vacuum Cup VT 277x32, Narrow; MFT Clamp; Foot Valve FV; Vacuum Hose D 16 x 5m


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