The Remodeler‘s Dust Extractor


Outfitted with both a HEPA filter and automatic filter-cleaning mechanism the powerful CT 48 E HEPA AC is perfect for working with high volume dust and especially silica dust applications. It is a perfect match for larger machines such as renovation grinders, track saws, routers and hammer drills.


Capable of supporting most common Jobsite tasks such as grinding, sawing, routing, planing, sanding, cutting, and site clean up. Equipped with tool-triggered operation, variable suction control, parking brake, hose storage, and more to make work easier and more efficient.


Big jobs demand big volume and the CT 48 E HEPA AC delivers big time! Large capacity tank (48 liters or 12.7 gallons), with high volume suction (137 CFM with 96” static water lift) ensures you can keep working with fewer interruptions to empty the machine.

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The Edge Sanding Guide

Every edge. Simple sanding.

Ultimate Control

Reduce tipping or excess sanding on edges. The edge sanding guide helps to maintain flush contact and consistent pressure on the edge to ensure flawless sanding.

Cost-efficient and Quick

Save up to 50% of your valuable time compared to a hand sanding block. Setting the right angle is quick and intuitive. A simple and effective alternative to stationary machines.

Suitable for Any Edge

Whether straight or curved, unfinished or painted, square or angled. Even large and bulky work-pieces can be sanded to perfection in no time compared to manual sanding.

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Systainer Installer‘s Set


Work Efficiently

Boost Jobsite efficiency through organization and mobility. This set was designed with the installer‘s needs in mind. Store, transport, organize, and protect those tools, parts, and pieces you rely on every day.

Work Easier

Reduce Jobsite frustration by keeping small parts organized and easily accessible with the SYSSTORAGE, keep hand tools easily accessible with the SYS-TOOLBOX, and carry a portable support and work surface with the SYS-MFT.

Work Faster

Easily connect and move everything at one time with the one-handed latching motion of T-LOC Systainers. Pack ‘em, stack ‘em and move ‘em with ease!

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STM 1800

Mobile Sawing Table
Quick and easy set up in the shop or at the Jobsite.
Robust design for a long service life, compact to transport and store, stable footprint to manage a variety of sheet sizes.


Reduce fatigue and improve workflow with an ergonomic approach to handling sheet goods and assembly tasks. 
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