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Dust Extractor CT 36 E HEPA CLEANTEC

Product number 574935

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  • SELFCLEAN Filter Bag
  • smooth suction hose dia. 27/32 x 3.5 m AS/CT
  • hose holder
  • SYS-Dock with T-LOC function
  • cable holder
  • Qty. in pack: 1.00 Units
  • in carton

Compact but large. Light but powerful. Whether it's used on the construction site or in the workshop, thanks to its huge container capacity of 36 l, the CT 36 provides maximum volume with compact dimensions. Equipped with swiveling castor wheels and rear wheels for optimum mobility. It also has a locking brake that provides stability on any surface as well as during transport. The flat filter fully integrated in the suction head ensures the full volume is utilized: This means that the gross and net container volumes are virtually identical. The extremely compact high-performance turbine provides the right suction power. A 137 CFM (3900 l/min) volume flow means that nothing remains except clean air. Carries Full Unit HEPA Certification.

  • Maximum utilization of the container volume – the gross volume is the same as the net volume
  • Can be individually retrofitted with an additional compressed air or Bluetooth® module for remote control on the suction hose or automatic start via the Bluetooth® battery pack.
  • Constantly high suction because of the compact high performance turbine
  • Smooth suction hose and optimized SYS-Dock with cord holder and T-LOC function for conveniently connecting SYSTAINERs to the mobile dust extractor
  • Antistatic function prevents static developing during work
  • Attachment of Systainers via SYS-Dock
  • Hose garage and cable windup for greater tidiness and safety
  • Economical because of the optimal use of the available volume with a SELFCLEAN filter bag in the container
  • Container/filter bag capacity 36/34 l


31.75 lbs (14.4 kg)
Power cable
25 ft (7.5 m)
Dimensions (L x W x H)
25" (630 mm) x 14.4" (365 mm) x 23.4" (596 mm)
Container/filter bag capacity
9.5 gal (36 l)/9.0 gal (34 l)
Filter surface area
979 in² (6 318 cm²)
Max. volume flow
138 CFM (3 900 l/min)
Max. vacuum
96" static water lift (24 000 Pa)

Includes CT 36 E HEPA


Dust Extractor

  • Accessories
    Suction hose

    D 27/32x3,5m-AS/CT


  • NEW
    Remote control CT-F I/M-Set

    Bluetooth® remote control for CT 26, 36, 48

    Order number: 202097

  • Tradesman / Installer Cleaning Set D 36 HW-RS-Plus

    Order number: 203408

  • Workshop Cleaning Set D 36 WB-RS-Plus

    Order number: 203409

  • Compact Cleaning Set D 27/D 36 K-RS-Plus

    Order number: 203430

  • Universal Cleaning Set D 36 UNI-RS-Plus

    Order number: 203435

  • Extension Tube D 36 VR-K AS 3x

    For D 27/D 36

    Order number: 203137

  • Dust Extractor Tube D 36 HR-K AS

    For D 27/D 36

    Order number: 203129

  • Extension Tube D 36 VR-M 3x

    For D 27/D 36

    Order number: 452902

  • Extension Tube D 50 VR-M

    For D 50

    Order number: 447599

  • Suction hose D 27x3,5m/CT

    Order number: 452877

  • Suction hose D 27x5m/CT

    Order number: 452879

  • Suction hose D 36x3,5m/CT

    Order number: 452881

  • SELFCLEAN Filter Bag SC FIS-CT 36/5

    For CT 36

    Order number: 496186

  • Main Filter HEPA-HF-CT 26/36/48

    For CT 26/36/48

    Order number: 498994

  • Longlife Filter Bag Longlife-FIS-CT 36

    For CT 36

    Order number: 496121

  • Wet Filter NF-CT 26/36/48

    For CT 26/36/48

    Order number: 496169


  • Dust extraction
    CT SYS mobile dust extractor
    CT SYS
  • Dust extraction
    Mobile dust extractor CLEANTEC CT MINI
  • Dust extraction
    Mobile dust extractor CTL MIDI
  • Dust extraction
    Mobile dust extractor CLEANTEC CT 26
    CT 26 E HEPA
  • Dust extraction
    Mobile dust extractor CLEANTEC CT 36
    CT 36 E HEPA
  • Dust extraction
    Mobile dust extractor CLEANTEC CT 36 AC
    CT 36 E AC

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