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Product number 575267

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  • fitted filter bag
  • smooth suction hose dia. 27/32 x 3.5 m AS/CT with rotating angle adapter on the extractor side
  • hose holder
  • SYS-Dock with T-LOC function
  • Qty. in pack: 1.00 Units
  • in carton

The CT MIDI is the ideal companion for assembly, installation, or renovation work. The compact wet/dry dust extractor with a 15 l container volume is perfect for cleaning work with small to medium dust and dirt volumes. The technical details are also highly sophisticated: Infinitely adjustable suction power, two-layer filter bags, flat filter for full utilization of the filter bag volume or tool-free replacement of the filter and filter bag. Carries Full Unit HEPA Certification.

  • Extremely compact and lightweight, for simple transport
  • Better organization thanks to hose depot for safe storage of hose and cable
  • Strong suction power thanks to compact high-performance turbine and smooth, conical suction hose
  • SYSTAINERS are secured to SYS-Dock in an instant
  • Tear-proof SELFCLEAN filter bags with self-clean function for constantly high suction power
  • With storage compartment for replacement filter bag
  • Optimal use of container volume thanks to flat filter
  • Container/filter bag capacity 15/12.5 l

Product details

  • Easy handling.

    The low weight and compact dimensions make the extractor particularly easy to transport.

  • Maximum economic efficiency.

    The integral flat filter and smooth inner contours of the container allow the filter bag to unfold freely. This allows the bag to be filled uniformly, to have nearly 100% utilization of the filter bag volume and the tool to be used for longer without having to change the filter bag.

  • Dust extraction adapted to the material.

    The automatic electronic switch-on/shut-off starts the extractor when the power tool is switched on. It also features smooth start-up, shut-off delay and infinite suction power adjustment that enables the volume flow to be adapted to the material.

  • Transport-safe.

    A brief actuation of the integrated locking brake means that the mobile dust extractor is secured against rolling away during work or transport.

  • Toolless filter change.

    The filter rarely has to be replaced. When it does, it can be done quickly, easily and without tools.

  • Simply practical.

    The power cable and suction hose are stored tidily and optimally protected in the permanently integrated Festool hose holder.

  • Extremely versatile.

    To use the extractor as tool transporter, simply place the tools and accessories in the SYSTAINER and SORTAINER on the extractor and attach to the SYS dock.

  • Carries Full Unit HEPA Certification

    For dust, dirt, and water. When absorbing water, the LevelStop shuts down the drive in good time and the motor remains protected. The wet filter can be set in place with just a few hand movements.

Performance features

  • Antistatic function

    Mobile dust extractors and tools with the antistatic function to prevent static charge from accumulating when working.

  • ASG

  • Electronic

    Speed control for adjusting to all types of materials.


    Integrated bayonet fitting as the connecting element between the extractor and the tool.


20.06 lbs (9.1 kg)
Power cable
25 ft (7.5 m)
Dimensions (L x W x H)
17" (430 mm) x 13" (330 mm) x 18.5" (470 mm)
Container/filter bag capacity
4.0 gal (15 l)/3.3 gal (12.5 l)
Filter surface area
775 in² (5 000 cm²)
Max. volume flow
130 CFM (3 700 l/min)
Max. vacuum
96" static water lift (24 000 Pa)

Noise and vibration values

Dust extraction: A-weighted sound pressure level, LpA
72.00 dB(A)
Dust extraction: Uncertainty (noise) K
3.00 dB



Dust Extractor

  • Accessories
    Suction hose

    D 27/32x3,5m-AS-90°/CT


  • Tradesman / Installer Cleaning Set D 36 HW-RS-Plus

    Order number: 203408

  • Workshop Cleaning Set D 36 WB-RS-Plus

    Order number: 203409

  • Compact Cleaning Set D 27/D 36 K-RS-Plus

    Order number: 203430

  • Universal Cleaning Set D 36 UNI-RS-Plus

    Order number: 203435

  • Extension Tube D 36 VR-K AS 3x

    For D 27/D 36

    Order number: 203137

  • Dust Extractor Tube D 36 HR-K AS

    For D 27/D 36

    Order number: 203129

  • Extension Tube D 36 VR-M 3x

    For D 27/D 36

    Order number: 452902

  • Floor Nozzle D 36 BD 300

    For D 27/D 36

    Order number: 452907

  • Floor Nozzle D 36 BD 270

    For D 27/D 36

    Order number: 452906

  • Crevice Nozzle D 36 FD-300

    For D 27/D 36

    Order number: 452904

  • Suction Brush D 36 SP

    For D 27/D 36

    Order number: 440404

  • Floor Nozzle D 36 BD 370

    For D 27/D 36

    Order number: 452908

  • Longlife Filter Bag Longlife-FIS-CTL MIDI

    for CT MINI and CT MIDI manufactured until 2018

    Order number: 499704


    for CTL MIDI manufactured until 2018

    Order number: 498411

  • Wet Filter NF-CT MINI/MIDI

    for CT MINI and CT MIDI manufactured until 2018

    Order number: 456805


  • Dust extraction
    Mobile dust extractor CLEANTEC CT MINI
  • Dust extraction
    Mobile dust extractor CTL MIDI
  • Dust extraction
    Mobile dust extractor CLEANTEC CT 26
    CT 26 E HEPA
  • Dust extraction
    Mobile dust extractor CLEANTEC CT 36
    CT 36 E HEPA
  • Dust extraction
    Mobile dust extractor CLEANTEC CT 36 AC
    CT 36 E AC
  • Dust extraction
    Mobile dust extractor CLEANTEC CT 48
    CT 48 E HEPA

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