Guide rail

A guide rail can be used to carry out long, straight cuts in a particularly precise manner, whether in furniture construction, interior finishing or façade treatment. The universal rail produces excellent work results when working with a router, portable circular saw or plunge-cut saw. It also allows inclined cuts to be performed quickly and cleanly. Festool's lightweight and robust aluminium rails precisely indicate the cutting line thanks to the integrated splinter guard. They also prevent the material from splintering and therefore lead to significant time savings for finishing work. At the same time, the practical accessories also preserve the tool service life.

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Suitable accessories

  • Guide systems
    Guide rails of up to 17' (5000 mm)
    FS 800/2 FS 1080/2 FS 1400/2 FS 1900/2 FS 2700/2 FS 3000/2 FS 5000/2
  • Guide systems
    Guide rail accessories SYSTAINER
  • Guide systems
    Guide rails with rows of holes
    FS 1400/2-LR 32 FS 2424/2-LR 32