STL 450

The STL 450 Inspection Light

Illuminate your work for fewer callbacks and more satisfied customers. Available now.

Detects faults before anyone else does.

You demand perfection. So do your customers. The new STL 450 inspection light allows you to see even the most minor flaw before they can.

Never miss another flaw or defect with STL 450 inspection light. This purpose-built inspection light illuminates the surface to clearly show flaws and defects so you can perfect your work. With an impact-resistant, non-marring full body protection, there is little risk of surface damage further ensuring great results. With 1,500 lumen and a color temperature of 5,000K, the surface control light brings great brightness and color to any surface. Whether sanding a wall or finishing a tabletop, the surface control light provides perfect visibility for the best results. 

  • Strengths and benefits

    • IP 55 rating against water and dust intrusion
    • Perfect visibility of surface defects and flaws
    • Non-marring shell
    • Handheld or hands-free usage option
    • 1500 Lumens at 5000 K for high-quality lighting
    • Reduce callbacks and increase customer satisfaction
  • Technical Data

    • Lumen value: 1500 lm
    • Color: 5000 kelvin
    • Housing protection class: IP 55
    • Cable length: 16.4 ft (5 m)
    • Weight: 3.31 lb (1.5 kg)
  • ETSC 125

    Straight Design

    Low-profile design allows LED to be cast closely to surfaces revealing any defects or flaws.

  • DTSC 400

    High Quality Light

    1500 Lumens with 5000 K color temperature provides optimal light output for detailed surface inspection.

  • RTSC 400

    Optional Hands-Free Mounting

    Optional adapter available to mount to Tripod ST DUO 200 for hands-free usage and infinite angle setting.

Available Items

Inspection Light

STL 450
Item number: 201938
US catalog price: $424.00

Inspection Light - Set

STL 450 inspection light, tripod, and the AD-ST DUO 200 adapter
Item number: 202912
US catalog price: $720.00


Adapter for attaching the inspection light to the ST DUO 200 tripod. The adjustable inclination angle makes it quick and easy to achieve optimum alignment of the inspection light on the wall or ceiling
Item number: 201936
US catalog price: $134.00

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