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Drywall Sander LHS 225 EQ-Plus/SW PLANEX

Product number 575219
LHS 225 EQ-Plus/SW

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LHS 225 EQ-Plus/SW
  • StickFix sanding pad dia. 215 mm (extra soft)
  • Qty. in pack: 1.00 Units

Drywall sanding used to be a messy, labor intensive task but not any longer with the new Festool PLANEX drywall sander. The PLANEX will revolutionize the way you sand drywall and plaster with its modular design, exceptional dust collection, robust built quality, great ergonomics and quick return on investment.

Stop sanding drywall by hand or with some other poorly designed solution and upgrade to the Festool drywall sanding solution today!

Realize a quick return on investment in time and materials savings. The Festool PLANEX Drywall Sander is a virtually dust-free drywall sanding solution when coupled with Festool's CT 36 AutoClean Dust Extractor. Its longer lasting, less expensive sanding abrasives reduce operating costs and total cost of ownership. A modular design allows the unit to be collapsed in size for spaces ranging from hallways to full rooms to high ceilings. Likewise, the PLANEX can be extended for high walls and ceilings. Made in Germany quality with a robust design guarantees years of reliable service backed by a three year warranty. Variable suction allows the PLANEX to virtually support its own weight reducing fatigue.

Being on stilts can be hazardous with cables and hoses littering the floor. We realize that when you're sanding drywall, there are all sorts of spaces that you will need to work in. That's why the PLANEX drywall sander has a modular design comprised of sections that quickly and easily assemble or disassemble to the perfect length for the task at hand. Whether you're in a tight space, such as a hallway, or working on a high ceiling, the PLANEX drywall sander can be configured to the proper length in seconds. Use the support harness for overhead work, like ceilings, to support the PLANEX without fatigue.

You might think that a machine like the PLANEX would be tiring to handle for hours, but that's not the case. The suction from the optional CT 36 AutoClean Dust Extractor can be regulated with a dial that's right at your fingertips. By regulating the suction, the PLANEX will support its own weight which reduces fatigue. Designed for durability, the PLANEX is very strong and rigid but also very light weight. Add the optional support harness for overhead work for additional comfort.

  • Two lengths, one machine - extend or reduce quickly and easily in seconds
  • Two-speed gears for efficient, rapid material removal on walls and ceilings
  • Robust, reliable drive components and efficient power transfer
  • Adjustable suction power decreases the perceived weight of the machine

Product details

  • Dust extraction

    When paired with a CT 36 AC Dust Extractor, the PLANEX greatly reduces airborne dust, leading not only to the perfect finish, but to less cleanup time and satisfied customers.

  • Extendable/collapsible design

    Reach high or difficult spaces with ease and spend less time moving and setting up ladders, while achieving a more balanced finished surface.

  • Reduced costs

    Realize a quick return on investment in time and materials savings. The PLANEX’s longer lasting, less expensive abrasives reduce operating costs and total cost of ownership.

  • Near-edge sanding

    Quick-release dust shroud allows for up-to-the-wall sanding which reduces surface prep time by minimizing hand-sanding tasks.

  • Swiveling head

    Traverse broad surfaces and tight spots effortlessly guiding the PLANEX where you need it most for an unparalleled surface finish.

  • Variable suction force

    On-board variable suction force provides convenient, user-accessible adjustment for increased control and maximum dust extraction.

  • Variable-speed control

    Variable-speed controls at your fingertips allow you to adjust the machine to the needs of the surface for both rapid material removal or fine finishes.

  • User-accessible controls

    Maximum comfort and control are in your hands. Power switch, variable speed controls, and variable suction control are all easily accessed on the rubberized handles for ease-of-use and greater comfort with less fatigue.

Performance features

  • Antistatic function

    Mobile dust extractors and tools with the antistatic function to prevent static charge from accumulating when working.


Interchangeable sanding pad dia.
8-1/2" (215 mm)
Weight (length 1.10 m)
8.38 lbs (3.80 kg)
Weight (length 1.60 m)
10.14 lbs (4.60 kg)
Dust extraction connection dia.
1-1/16"/1-7/16" (27/36 mm)

Includes LHS 225 EQ-Plus/SW


Drywall Sander

  • Accessories
    Sander Backing Pad

    ST-STF-D215/8-LHS 225-SW


  • Brush segment BS-LHS 225

    For drywall sander PLANEX

    Order number: 495166

  • Brush strip BE-LHS 225

    for the PLANEX 225 EQ long-reach sander

    Order number: 495167

  • Guide Extension VL-LHS 225

    for the PLANEX 225 EQ long-reach sander

    Order number: 495169

  • Interface Sander Backing Pad IP-STF-D215/8/2x

    Order number: 496140

  • Support Harness TG-LHS 225

    for the PLANEX 225 EQ and PLANEX LHS-E 225 easy long-reach sanders

    Order number: 496911

  • Sander Backing Pad ST-STF-D215/8-LHS 225-SW

    For drywall sander PLANEX

    Order number: 202546


  • Sanding and brushing
    Drywall sander PLANEX LHS 225
    LHS 225 EQ-Plus/SW

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